Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

We reserve the right to amend or add to the contents of our Terms of Use if ever deemed necessary.
If any amendments do occur. We will inform our users of the changes made to our Terms of Use.

Website Policy:
1.) Credits that are bought via Paypal / Payza may NOT be used on the Lottery feature or used to cash out to a preferred payment method.
2.) Members must enable Javascript, disable AdBlocking software, and follow the instructions when browsing websites.
3.) Members must use original ISP connection (No Proxies, Tunnels, or VPNs) while browsing website.
4.) We will not be liable or held account for any delays, damages, or failures that occur beyond our servers.
5.) We will not be held responsible for content on websites that our members browse.

1.) Members can earn money (120% per referral) from referring clients / members to any network services.
2.) Referrals must be from a unique user from an unique internet connection and own a unique payment account.
3.) You may not refer yourself, even if the account is on another (different) network site.
4.) You may not buy / rent your own referral from your own store. Your buyers must buy / rent from an unique internet connection.
5.) We do not permit abuses to our system. We monitor logs closely, any abuse attempt is logged.

Payments In/Out:
1.) We will not be held responsible for tax payments on rewards client receive, the member will be responsible to report their earnings to their country and pay their taxes.
2.) Paypal / Amazon Payments made to our Network for Credits on Account Features are categorized as intangible services, we are unable to provide refunds for such payments and transactions.

Account Suspension:
1.) Members who violate the Terms of Use will receive an account warning, referral suspension or full account suspension (depending on the circumstances).
2.) If the user you refer is suspended, you will lose all earnings that were earned from that single referral.
3.) If your entire account gets suspended, you lose all earnings on that account.

Account Inactivity
1.) Account that have been inactive for a period of 90 days or longer will be consider an inactive member.
2.) Inactive members will have all account activity and history removed from their accounts.
3.) Referrals and credit earnings will also be permanently removed from an inactive member.


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